“My children loved the attention they got and the pictures were just wonderful. I’m so glad that I don’t have any more boring pictures in the house. Thanks to Mantavya and Daria our pictures look like scenes from a very stylish film.”


“While scouring the internet for a great photographer I came to Kindred Portrait and was pleased to find photographers that actually photograph the interaction of families and not just ‘Look into the camera and smile’ sort of pictures. Very artistic style. Love it.”

The Ajinkya Family

“My husband and I were always thinking of getting nice portraits done of us. In such little time you captured the love, and flirtatious looks and the essence of who we were to each other. You made me remember our teen years when Misha and I met and I felt so happy. You guys are the best. Our anniversary is coming up. Try not to be booked up please.”

Kate and Michael

“My baby doesn’t really like strangers. She’s only 1 month old though. I couldn’t believe that you were able to make her smile and take a wonderful picture. I’ve blown up the picture and put it in little Dasha’s room. My friends and family are jealous about Dasha not giving them the same kind of love. Thank you Mantavya and Daria. Please plan your next trip to Russia soon.”